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This site is running on Cargo & Posterous WordPress & Tumblr. I shot the portfolio images using a DIY light tent. I designed the theme in Illustrator and wrote the HTML & CSS in Textmate. I suspect it looks terrible in IE.


Hello. My name is Tom. I’m a British designer living in Brooklyn, NY.

I’m currently working towards my MFA in Interaction Design at SVA.

I used to work as the Design Director at Mint Digital, an agency focused on creating charming social web and mobile experiences for TV broadcasters and international brands.

I specialise in Interaction Design, which often includes elements of User Experience, Interface Design & Visual Identity although I strive to keep my practice broad. I believe excellent design is not only ultra clear but delightful to interact with.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some fine people including ABC Family, Arts Council England, Benetton, BBC, Channel 4, Thumbplay & River Island.

Thanks for stopping by.

Photograph by Owen Richards