Hello, I’m Tom.
A designer based in Brooklyn.

Like most designers, I’m curious about human behavior and strive to make everyday interactions just a little bit better — like a nice cup of tea. I’m drawn to systemic product challenges and growing human-centered teams to tackle them.

I’m currently a Product Design Manager at BuzzFeed where I focus on people, process and practice. I also mentor at 30 Weeks, advise at Orbital Product Sessions and critique at SVA IxD.

My career began in 2005, after transitioning from playing in bands. Six years later I undertook an MFA in Interaction Design where my thesis explored how personal data could lead to more meaningful physical possessions. I’ve held shiny job titles like Design Director and Co-Founder and worked on projects with Google Maps, NY Times and Smart Design among others in NYC and London — a longer list lives here. I’ve also spoken on podcasts and in-front of people in auditoriums and bars.

I enjoy conversations about music, cybernetics and cats gifs but I’m bad at email so tweeting is the best way to say hi. I can also be found online at Spotify, Foursquare, Instagram, Medium and Vimeo.

Thanks for stopping by, have wonderful day.


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